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Wooden floorWooden floor


The Bold and The Beautiful !!

The use of hexagonal tiles and wooden floorings together known as transitional flooring blends the two textures beautifully. This concept is favoured in bars, cafes patios and porches. The contrast of the two textures livens up the space.


A. The design element that has been captured here is the use of vertical stripes which gives a taller and spacious feeling to the bedroom. The brown wooden flooring lends a warm vibe to the room and the placement of the plant adds freshness and positivity to the environment.


B. The use of white on white is a classic example of minimalistic design. The Accent lighting on the bed back panel and table lamp adds a sense of luxury, thus combining these two elements of design.



A well designed ceiling lends a great amount of character to a space. The use of faux tin ceiling tiles is a great way of highlighting a ceiling. These tin ceilings come in various moulds and designs and lends itself to the French classic style of design. It provides the dual advantage of minimising cost and adding opulence to the design.



What excites me about this interior layout is the use of glass retractable doors. These sliding doors encase a home office and a library, for one to work with utmost concentration and peace. At the same time it gives the opportunity of creating a free flowing space when desired. The same colour palatte and wooden flooring have been used throughout the space so that once the glass doors are drawn back, the space seamlessly blends with one another.

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