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What does this website provide?

We provide the service of professionally designed spaces of your home at affordable prices.

What is a floor plan?

It is a drawing that shows your space - the rooms, the wall locations, the size of your rooms and where the furniture is within each room.

How do i get started on the website?

Go to the registration section to start the process.

If I have already done the registration then how do i begin the process of payment?

Depending on the plan you've chosen, system will prompt you with an online link to make payments.

If I have an account on the website and i have already got one project done, then how do I initiate another project?

Login with your provided credentials and click on 'Add New Project' this will bring you back to the Get Started Pages to choose a new plan.

What if I am not satisfied with the plans made for me?

After we give you the plan, we offer you one round of changes. You can login and write your feedback and changes that you want in the final plan.

What if I want my existing furniture to be incorporated in the design?

Please send us the sizes and a description of the furniture and we will incorporate it in the design.

What if I don't have a floor plan?

A8.Most likely your floor plan is included in the package that you choose. Incase you choose the Regular Plan package, you are responsible for getting it in an Autocad format with correct measurements.

What if I only have a printed version of my plan and not a digital one?

You can scan it or take a picture and send it to us. However, this cannot be substituted for an Autocad plan, which either you can make and send yourself or we can measure and draw it up for you.

What if my home has more than one storey?

Only upto two storeys should be included in the floor plan but please mention this in the comments box while uploading the plan.

What if my home has a low or high ceiling?

Please mention it in the comment box while uploading the Autocad plan. If it is something of importance to you, please discuss on the phone call and we will account for it accordingly. You can measure the exact dimension using a measuring tape.

How much will it cost to build the design?

Our package is limited to space planning and will not be an accurate indicator of costs.

Do I have to include room heights with my floor plans?

It is always useful to specify heights in the floor plans. You can do this in the comments box while uploading the Autocad plan. You can measure the exact dimensions using a measuring tape.

What do I recieve in the furniture presentations in the Superlative Plan?

You will receive a detailed presentation, suggesting a design for each furniture piece as well as the details for the wall panels.